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At Cremations of South Florida, we’re proud to have provided thousands of individuals and families with the ultimate in burial and funeral service options since 1980. Yet, it’s the less tangible elements, such as the individual care and compassionate guidance we offer during the often trying, emotional experience of finalizing funeral arrangements for a loved one that is particularly rewarding to our dedicated staff of caring professionals.

Cremation is an accepted alternative to burial or funeral services, recognized by many faiths. Loved ones interested in cremation have a variety of options from which to choose including:
1) cremation-only services, 2) viewing of deceased (in casket) and subsequent cremation, or
3) funeral services, followed by cremation.

    Direct Cremation    $595
    Funeral and Cremation    $1595
    Shipment of cremated remains from Miami, Florida to any     destination in the US    Call for information
    Scattering of cremated remains at sea or at cemetery    $150